Come Back to Fifth and Broad, Frankie Q.

The SEC has now joined in the “Free Frank” efforts, setting aside a former disciplinary decision preventing ex-investment banker Frank Quattrone from associating with sordid Wall Street sorts.


  1. Is it me or wasn’t there a different post right after this one that got taken down? Any explanation, Paul? I seem to remember enjoying it.

  2. Nope, nothing there. Maybe you’re think of comments to this other recent investment banking post.

  3. Hmmm, I could have sworn that I loaded up your site and that this Quattrone post was the second one up. I then reloaded your site sometime later (as I often obsessively do) and this was the first post up, the post that came after it taken away. It would help if I could remember what the disappearing post was, I just remember thinking it was good. Maybe my irregular sleeping schedule is starting to mess with my head… or maybe there is a conspiracy theory!!!

  4. OK, I found the smoking gun. After maybe 30 seconds of searching, I found a copy of the post sitting in a corner on your server. I’m guessing you took it down for personal reasons but you missed a copy.

  5. There was? I have no idea. I don’t generally take anything down here, unless it’s spam or my own intemperate stuff, so I’m curious what it was. Can you email me my deletia?

  6. The link’s in the mail.