Click Fraud Perception and Reality

Good click fraud article in today’s WashPost. However real the problem may be, click fraud perception is rapidly becoming a species of reality.


  1. Although I don’t think you have any real evidence for implying that perception is actually changing anyone’s behaviour, it’s possible that it eventually could.
    Certainly Google fans the flames by doing things like this:
    ‘chief executive Eric Schmidt said click fraud “is not a material issue.”
    But six days later, Google surprised analysts when it agreed to settle an Arkansas class-action lawsuit’
    That’s why there’s an article on it today.
    But I’ve evolved to the “cost of business POV” and I think most buyers are that way. It is insignificant for most people.
    After all, if you measure ROI, then fraud is factored in, and it doesn’t change your behaviour until something else comes along with better ROI.

  2. jme giffo says:

    bring on pay2view content, its only time until we all relise users don’t click on ads and like me with chicks the only way in the end is to pay 😛
    we are deluded with the thought that a business model without actually paying a fee will work. its the only way forward,
    If your business was dependent on people thinking click-ads actually work for everyone lol would you admit click-fraud was an issue?