Cellphone Kids are Different

Some striking data from an AdAge article on age-related differences in cellphone use for non-voice purposes. Across news, weather, sports, movies, and search, there are huge differences between the 13(!)-17 demographic and everyone else.

Two other eye-opening snippets from the article, First this, demonstrating that obtaining a cellphone is a new rite of child passage:

Just 12% of children aged 8-12 have a wireless phone, but that jumps to nearly half — 49% — for ages 13-15, according to a Harris Interactive youth survey last year. By ages 18-21, cellphone penetration (81%) is in line with the average for all adults (80%).

And this, showing who’s (unsurprisingly) footing the bill:

But there’s no denying that the biggest users of premium wireless features — messaging, game downloads, photo services, sports information, entertainment news — are young consumers having fun at someone else’s expense. Among children aged 13-17 — the heaviest overall users of such services — just 18% pay for their cell service…