BlogEverywhere Launches

Hotmail founder Sabeer Bhatia’s new venture,, launched today. A toolbar that combines blogging functionality (which seems more like site annotation stuff to me) with a Hotmail accelerator.  It’s worth a look (albeit only for IE users right now), but I have to confess that unless I’m missing something it doesn’t really get me all that excited.

As an aside, “Hotmail founder” is one of those monickers that eventually becomes an albatross. Sort of like being a fifty-year-old with a best-selling book written twenty years ago, the fickle world of supposed serial entrepreneurs is such that eventually you need a more recent success.


  1. Jme Giffo says:

    Web 2.0 will go down as the biggest joke of the Internets history, its just repackaged cut and paste tripe

  2. Fartikus says:

    if an accolade like founding hotmail is an albatross, hang one on me too. while it wasn’t the first or maybe even the best webmail site, it is a service that millions of people use every day and has had a real positive impact on the public acceptance of web techologies, and he just so happened to make a mint off of it. can the same be said for the yet-another social-bookmark/tag/mashup whatever that seems to emerge on an hourly basis today????

  3. Oh, I don’t disagree. As far as albatrosses (albatrii?) go, founding Hotmail is a darn spiffy success to have on your CV. But I also think that bubble entrepreneurial successes deservedly get a deep discount, and the best-buy date on such things also matters.
    After all, Bhatia hasn’t exactly been ringing the entrepreneurial bell since Hotmail. His Arzoo shut down when the boom went bust, and while he has a clutch of other ventures today, none seems to have material momentum.

  4. Rajan Guha says:

    Have you actually tried it? Sounds like you really have not. Let us know.
    I think the hotmail functions are really cool. It IS a site annotation tool. Whats wrong with that? I have always wanted to add my feedback to pages that do not have a commenting facility.

  5. Yup, I have installed it and tried it. And it’s a site annotation tool, not a blogging tool. As you say, there’s nothing inherently wrong with site annotation tools — although they’re inherently low-momentum closed gardens — but it’s a bit of a misnomer to call it “blogging”.
    From what I could see the Hotmail features seemed like they would be useful to active Hotmail users. Overall, however, I was more interested in the blogging aspect, which I found somewhat wanting.

  6. Rajan Guha says:

    Who gets to define what a blog is? One could easily claim that this tool allow a person to LOG his comments on any page of the WEB thereby making it a WEB LOG.
    Getting into semantic arguments is just not very useful and proves nothing.
    There are different needs for different people. I feel this tool is not good for power bloggers like you. However, someone who occasionally (say once a month) wants to add their opinion with a simple – one-click tool would find this useful.
    And lastly, saying you found it wanting is again not useful. Why not say how you would do it better – if you can :-)

  7. “Don’t start a business if you can’t explain what pain it solves, for whom, and why your product will eliminate this pain, and how the customer will pay to solve this pain” — Joel Spolsky

  8. Shiraz Kanga says:

    OK. I really admire Spolsky so maybe he is right!
    Currently, when I am surfing a web page, I have no way of easily knowing whether any users have commented on it.
    This is the pain that BlogEverywhere is solving!
    Here’s an analogy. The pagerank indicator in Google’s toolbar allows me to quickly see how others rank the current page. Similarly the blogbar allows me to quickly see what others are saying about the current page.
    Shiraz Kanga

  9. Naazneen Nazarulla says:

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