Best Biz Books

My friend Andy Kessler has up a great list of “business” books that he has found interesting. I say “business” because, like me, Andy defines business fairly broadly, and is more interested in books that turn or refocus his investing lens. He is not interested in the latest “get rich quick” investing books, nor is he a big reader of middle-management tomes about how to win/inspire/lead/change etc.

So, as I spin my chair around here in the home office, here are some more business-y books that I would add to Andy’s list of head-turners:


  1. Peter Holstein says:

    Don’t overlook “Thirteen Days” by Robert Kennedy and Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. Best case study I know on negotiation, brinksmanship, crisis management. Business decision-making pales in comparison to bargaining over bombs…!

  2. Brent Buckner says:

    _Why We Buy_ by Paco Underhill. Sure, it’s an extended pitch for his consulting operation, and consequently short on detail, but I still found it interesting (and breezy). It’s a glimpse into field studies on humans (effective “blinds”, coding behaviours for statistical analysis, etc), social engineering/human factors design, and shopping (a pretty major activity).

  3. Franklin Stubbs says:

    Some excellent selections — thanks!

  4. I’d like to second Cash Nexus.

  5. i vote for ‘diffusion of innovations’ by everett rogers.

  6. Loved Cash Nexus – bought a couple of copies. On the theme of business books (with an emphasis on economics and investing) – I’ll list a couple I like that maybe you haven’t seen.
    On a Clear Day You Can See General Motors by Patrick J. Wright – Disfuctional big biz
    Blood Brothers: The Criminal Underworld of Asia (Hardcover)by Bertil Lintner – want to understand asia? read this.
    Metal Men: How Marc Rich Defrauded the Country, Evaded the Law… by A. Craig Copetas
    Interesting – not perfect
    And the Money Kept Rolling In (and Out)by Paul Blustein.. I like a couple of his books. Not excellent – but very interesting.
    If you like cash nexus you may like: Civilization and Capitalism, 15 Th-18th Century Wheels of Commerce by Fernand Braudel