Alexaholic is Marvy

Alexaholic is a wonderfully simple — and highly useful — overlay for Alexa’s traffic rankings. I use Alexa all the time in comparing traffic to online services, so this is just marvy.

Check, for example, this traffic tussle among Youtube, Flickr, and Webshots. Pow! Zap! Thwap!


  1. Michael Robinson says:

    I’m surprised. I thought you were geeky enough that you would just type in the URLs directly.
    That’s what I do, and it doesn’t appear Alexaholic does anything differently. Plus it appears Alexaholic doesn’t give you custom chart sizes.

  2. Oh, I’m plenty geeky to URL it directly. Trouble is, too many people I talk to find even that hard to do, so for them I think Alexaholic is a useful service, even if it’s not as customizable.