Alan Greenspan’s Book Proposal

DealBook has Alan Greenspan’s book proposal. It looks like the book could maybe be mildly interesting, although who knows how candid Greenspan will actually be.

On Presidents and being a ‘prop’

With the exception of President Carter, I have known and worked with — or for — every resident of the White House since 1969. Some I have known exceptionally well; others less so. I will offer my impressions and comparisons along with evaluations of cabinet secretaries, ambassadors, members of Congress and lesser, but important, policymakers. I do not intend to dwell on personality aberrations, except as they affect policy decision-making — which, of course, always involves personalities. I will also describe what it’s like to be a prop at a congressional hearing, which is too often the role of witnesses.


  1. Networking: E-mail as slow as snail mail?
    CHICAGO, March 6 (UPI) — You send a crucial e-mail on a Monday morning, but it doesn’t arrive in the client’s mailbox, across town, until Thursday afternoon. You lose a pending deal. Exasperating? Yes, but increasingly, as a result of the profound demands placed on e-mail network servers, including spam, spyware and viruses, legitimate e-mail messages that should take seconds to get to the intended recipient may take days, experts tell United Press International’s Networking. E-mail delivery, it seems, is now sometimes as slow as the U.S. Postal Service.
    Last week the technology developer MX ToolBox Inc. launched the first ever e-mail performance index, the first index to rate the health and performance of thousands of e-mail systems across the globe, at By Gene Koprowski