Water is the Next Precious Metal, Part XXXIV

From today’s Washington Post, a Texas town’s struggle strikes me an one that we will read about more and more in an increasingly arid future:

So how short of water is little Bryson, Tex.? Very.

Several moms have their children use the same bathwater, then mop floors with
the dirty suds. Other families are on an every-other-day shower schedule.
Elementary school students, forbidden to use bathroom faucets, must clean their
hands with pre-moistened wipes. The local car wash imports tankloads of water.
And many families are driving their dirty clothes to laundromats miles away.


  1. another data point – the distribution of water rights. to date, this has been a nonissue, but in the future it will be a bone of contention and will make some counties quite rich, as some counties in the southwest have water rights in vast disproportion to their expected use and population.