VCs in Space

You had to know this was going to happen. The success of the CIA’s In-Q-Tel venture investing activities has other U.S. government agencies looking at getting into the act of starting venture funds. Next in line is NASA, which has an RFI out for “Red Planet Capital”. To be funded to the tune of $20mm a year (the evergreen equivalent of an approximately $100-120mm venture fund), it is described as follows:

“…investment vehicle used to support innovative, dual-use technologies which will help NASA achieve its mission, but will also help better position these technologies for future commercial use.”

Great. Sounds good. And now that we’ve made it to “N” in the alphabetical listing of would-be Federal government VCs, let’s get on with the “O”s. I’m betting that any day now we’ll a venture fund announcement from the Office of Special Counsel. Can’t wait.


  1. Juan Baldez says:

    Hmmm – so I am a tech company and the CIA invests in my company. Now that the CIA knows everything about my business am I a stronger company, assuming I could get the cash elsewhere, or have I just cut a bit part of the world out of my possible market?