Tracking the Leading Laggards on the Market

The WSJ had a fun piece out yesterday showing the leading stock laggards on North American markets over the last 1-, 3-, 5-, and 10-years. Here are some quiz questions about these four laggard lists (highlight the area after the question to see the correct answer):

  • How many of the four laggard lists are led by technology stocks? One, the 5-year list, which is led by JDSU, having turned in a -43.7% compound return.
  • Which list includes the highest percentage of tech stocks? The 5-year list, in which 8 of the top 10 are techs, as are 15 ot the top 20. 
  • Did any company appear on all four lists? Yes, five companies made all four lists: General Motors, Ford, Interpublic, Tenet Healthcare, and Unisys


  1. The only solace a tech investor from the late 1990s can take: “Hey, it could be worse — I could have bought Ford or GM!”

  2. There, that’s the spirit! Mind you, you have to respect a company that can be so consistently poor-performing. It isn’t easy. After all, any idiot manager can have a bad year, but to have so many bad years without going bankrupt, or maybe having a few lucky quarters, is impressive stuff.