The Rise of Federated (Political) Blogging

I’ve been expecting more of this sort of thing — traditional media sites federating with, and further legitimating, blogs to form virtual news and discussion communities — so it’s interesting to see news today that the Wall Street Journal’s OpinionJournal will be among the first::, a free web site from The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page, announces the launch of the “OpinionJournal Federation” of top political Web sites and blogs, which will offer daily content to its readers. editors will select at least one article each week from a Federation member site for publication on, which will also feature overviews and links to all Federation members.

Charter members of the Federation include, the National Center for Policy Analysis, the American Council on Science and Health, American Spectator magazine, City Journal from the Manhattan Institute, the Claremont Institute, Commentary magazine, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Federalist Society, First Things magazine, the Heritage Foundation, the Independent Women’s Forum, Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball, New Criterion magazine, the Pacific Research Institute, the Property and Environment Research Center, and the Reason Foundation.

Political blogs also will participate, including,,, and All participating members will provide articles for publication on

While we’ve seen some of this in technology media, when are we going to see federations like this formalized and larger? And how about the same thing in business? I’ve been pushing certain media outlets for some time, to no (current) avail, but this may tip some people.