The Real Da Vinci Code

Wish I had been able to attend this fascinating talk on Friday (video is here and here), but sometimes I have to get stuff done. Maurizio Seracini has used imaging technology to reveal obscured drawings from a Da Vinci painting:

Some 250 people packed Calit2’s theater at UCSD and a
neighboring auditorium for a talk that addressed two of the institute’s
core areas: technology and art. Near the end of the two-hour lecture,
the rapt audience burst into applause when the speaker unveiled — for
the first time anywhere — images drawn by Leonardo Da Vinci and not
seen in 500 years. The scenes were hidden as original drawings by Da
Vinci underneath the paint in his masterpiece, “The Adoration of the
Magi.” The original artwork could only be seen thanks to imaging
techniques Maurizio Seracini used to look below the surface of the
painting, through successive levels of pigment and decay.