So Gene Simmons and Bono Walk Into an LP Meeting

While most folks interested in private equity know that Bono is a partner over at Elevation Partners, does anyone care to guess from which venture capital fund Kiss frontman Gene Simmons sticks out his tongue as an advisor? I kid thee not, he has just such a role.


  1. I’m not surprised. I’ve heard Gene Simmons interviewed and he’s pretty much about money. The makeup and tongue, it seems, are a means to an end.

  2. here’s a link to Terry Gross’ NPR Fresh Air interview with Simmons. Terry and Gene arguing over who’s jewish or obnoxious. The usually stoic Gross so audibly angry, her voice quaking. Great Radio!

  3. Yes, I actually heard that one. It was great radio, and Gene was his usual thuggish self. That one and her Bill O’Reilly set-to were among the most entertaining in the show’s history. I recall seeing Gross interviewed on a talk show where she had some choice things to say about both guys.