Scoble, Your Mind is Calling. It Wants to Come Home.

Robert Scoble — “Microsoft’s kept blogger”, to use Nick Carr’s apt phrase — rages that the reason why Google’s Gmail for Domains got a nice mention here yesterday was because I run Adsense ads. That is, in a word, nuts. While I can, of course, be bought, it takes more than a buck a day (my current Adsense earnings).

More seriously, I would spend some time cutting Scoble’s embarrassing, silly and scurrilous argument to small Microsoft-logoed ribbons, but Mathew Ingram and Nick Carr do such a good job of it that I’ll just outsource the work and refer people to those two places instead. Ah, Scoble’s shredded credibility flutters so prettily to the ground.


  1. if you are outsourcing sign me up…this is what I posted on my blog
    Microsoft’s Robert Scoble who writes a well read blog suggests that “blogger ethics” are why many bloggers wrote about Google’s corporate email offering, but did not write about MSN’s similar offering a few months ago.
    Let’s do the math. Microsoft spent $ 8.7 billion in sales and marketing last year. That is more than Google’s revenues.
    How much does Microsoft spend on advertising with WSJ and InformationWeek? With Gartner and Forrester? With Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs? Should we not ask if their reporters, industry and financial analysts are magnitude more biased towards Microsoft than some blogger who earns pennies from Google ads?
    This week has been full of “conflict of interest” discussions. The WSJ on bloggers. InformationWeek on industry analysts. But as I wrote earlier – The buyer is in charge, has been in charge, will be in charge. That is why most well structured procurements take input from a number of sources and have various steps in the process, and minimize any bias any single influencer may have.
    And larger vendors still have more bucks to spend on the traditional influencers. So the question to ask is – Microsoft, why did you not publicize the MSN announcement yourself – spend a bit of the $ 8+b budget? Could it be because you really do not want to cannibalize your enterprise Outlook revenues?

  2. oh these kept bloggers are such a bore. the big three all have one now, and as a marketing tool, they have become predictable, toothless and pointless. just more blabber on the wire.

  3. winsnomore says:

    Then why do you use more words than “nuts”.
    I think thou complains bit much.
    As you can see from my .. I am no windows fan, but I despise google just as much .. they are scum.

  4. Where does Scoble say that your adsense ads are the reason Google got a good mention? Nowhere in his post does he accuse you of that…stop being so reactionary.
    That doesn’t seem to be his point at all. He’s just frustrated about all the press that Google is getting out of this despite the fact that MSN already did it. It is very valid to point out the fact that someone who gives a product from a company praise is also in fact receiving money from said company.

  5. Methinks you folks are reacting to the other extreme and hauling Scoble over the coals for this statement
    As Dustin mentions above, his basic point was that MSFT had done this quite some time ago … but now that GOOG does, the entire blogsphere is all ga ga ! To put things in another perspective … all he says is folks … please give credit where it is due …
    I feel this is getting to be more of an ego issue with other bloggers being up in arms because of the AdSense / Google employee allusion from Scoble (which I feel was a bit dumb on his part)

  6. Hey Paul,
    I never read/cover Scoble because I think of him as a flack, like any other PR consultant.
    Everyone has an agenda, and understanding what that agenda is makes it easier to interpret — and despin — what they have to say.
    Witnesses have biases, fund manager talk their books (holdings), movie stars have back end points and therefore product to promote.
    Scoble works for the man. He is therefore a new spin on the establishmentment. End of story . . .

  7. Z-list blogger says:

    You are being petty Paul. And you non-insult insult is the kind of thing wimps did in high school. Referring to other people to do your work and then bring in Barry to stand up for you. Embarrassing. What’s next? Mad Money Cramer posting? Answer Dustin’s question.

  8. Sigh, I need to start flagging my posts as sarcasm/parody. My point in using a transparently adolescent headline to this Scoble comment was to mock his adolescent and silly argument.
    Because if really thinks that most of the blogosphere using Google Adsense means that they are craven then he needs to go lie down for a while. Speaking for myself, Google’s buck a day buys them diddly, as is obvious from my many posts here on the company. I’d change ad servers in a heartbeat if one worked better.
    Further, Scoble might just as well say that 50% of searchers use Google (and search often comes with an economic benefit), so they are all in Google’s pocket too. It is a transparent and nutty argument, and I’m surprise more people don’t say so — and to marry it with this week’s blog-o-sphere nattering about conflicts of interest shows a remarkable inability to put things in proper context.
    To be clear though, I’m actually fond of Scoble. I think he’s a decent guy in am impossible place. I also think, however, that he’s dead wrong on this issue, and he’s making an unnecessarily inflammatory argument to boot.
    Finally, I didn’t “bring in” Barry (or Nick, or others). Barry posted here of his own volition, just like you did. For what it’s worth, I actually read and like Scoble more than Barry apparently does. And with respect to Nick et al., I thought that referring people to other cogent responses on a subject was a more sane and blog-friendly way to deal with Robert’s point. C’est tout.

  9. My post about Scoble was from June, btw
    I was chiming in cause I like when I see smart people who’s opinions I respect say something that validates something I previously wrote/said/believe. (Its called selective perception).
    And if you think Paul either needs my help or would summon my assistance in a comment thread, then puh-leeze, dude, you haven’t been reading him for very long.
    Smarten up, kid . . .