Sand Hill Slave

Ginny: Woah. That guy looks *really* pissed.
Holly Gennero McClane: He’s still alive.
Ginny: What?
Holly Gennero McClane: Only John can drive somebody that crazy.
                — Die Hard (1988)

What’s it like being an assistant at a Sand Hill Road venture firm? Loathsome, or at least that is the message of Sand Hill Slave, the blog of a partner’s executive assistant at just such a place. Assuming her bitchy posts are for real — and who else but a real venture guy could get someone this pissed off? — this is definitely not for everyone, but it is worth a look. There is insight, attitude, and some funny stories (including a couple that are definitely NSFW), all in the strong voice of the site’s creator.


  1. how tired. how many more ‘insider’ snots are going to pop out of the woodwork to tell us about life at google/vcFirmX/yahoo/
    here is the word of the day: DISCRETION
    i don’t want to work with people who are busy thinking of what pseudonym they are going to give me when they try to rip me one on the stealth in their blog. i am tired of the codename bitchfests. almost annoying is the cheerleaders who think they speak on behalf of the company in their blogs – F-OFF brown nosers.
    it will take time, but once these annoyances boil over into a couple of defamation suits, i suspect companies will just give up trying to finesse these twits and simply insist no mention of any company business no personal blogs.

  2. Michael Robinson says:

    Given that Sand Hill VCs are so tight and talk so much that at the end of any given day they all know what color underwear everyone else put on that morning, it’s a lead pipe cinch that Sand Hill Slave will be ID’d shortly, if not already.
    And presumably she’s smart enough to know that.
    So, either her blog is a gratuitous display of peer-group status (can’t touch me), or she’s angling for the Washingtonienne-notoriety-three-book-deal-Playboy-spread-style cashout.

  3. VC Blog, But Not VC

    I’ve posted before about blogging VCs. One of my favorite VC bloggers, Paul, just linked to a VC blog that’s not written by a VC.
    It’s written by Sand Hill Slave, an assistant at a Silicon Valley VC firm. SHS’s account of VC, VCs, and related topi…