Rubik’s Sudoku

I have to confess I don’t get the whole Sudoku puzzle thing, but as a longtime Rubik’s cube addict an annnouncement from the ongoing American International Toy Fair in New York caught my attention: Rubik’s Sudoku.

Rubik’s(R) Sudoku combines the best of two of the greatest puzzles of
all time – it’s Sudoku without the pencil and without all the erasing,
and a process for solving the puzzle that will appeal to fans of both
Sudoku and Rubik’s(R) alike,” explained Winning Moves Games President
Phil Orbanes…

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  1. Nick Douglas says:

    Have you tried Sudoku yet? Cause I felt the same til I did a few. Now I’m one of those dorks doing Sudoku on the bus.

  2. Paul K. says:

    Nick — I’ve messed with it briefly in bookstores, but I couldn’t really the supposed addictiveness of it. Maybe I should give it a more serious try — then again, maybe I shouldn’t!