Now, Where Did I Put That Other Billion?

Writer Michael Lewis hasn’t  felt as plugged in to the business culture lately, but he partially makes for it with a new Bloomberg column. While the subject is Donald Trump (writing about Trump is usually a signal a columnist has run out of column-writing ideas), Lewis bring some appropriately arch observations to the lawsuit Trump has against an author claiming that Trump isn’t a billionaire.

Before that particular meeting, Trump had claimed a net
worth of $6 billion, [author O’Brien] said, but when O’Brien toted up the assets alone, without the debts, he still came up with a mere $5 billion. As the author recalls it, he turned to Trump’s attorney
Allen Weisselberg and asked, “Allen, where’s the other
billion?” Whereupon Allen uttered one of the great lines in the
history of American business:

“I’m going back to my office to find that other billion.”