NBC’s Unfair Narnia Rap Rap?

Matthew Hurst makes a provocative point. Maybe NBC was entirely rational in having let the “Lazy Sunday” video go viral, only to now yank it back. They got the initial spike, and now they’re pull it in in-house with the buzz having subsided.


  1. Um, duh. Come on, is the collective blogosphere so blinkered that this insight passes for provocative?
    I’ve been hearing bloggers screech for days now that, rather than come down all heavy handed, litigious, and old-media on YouTube, NBC should be carefully studying this cool new viral marketing machine called the Internet. “What say you? People converse with each other via computing machine? Further, they trade electronic daguerrotypes and talking pictures with one another? Fascinating! We at NBC could perhaps learn a thing or two from these young turks. Let us purchase one of these computing machines at once — and sign up for an AOL account!”
    Seems to me, they played this quite nicely. Two months of monster publicity, and now you can buy the video for $2/pop on iTunes. Look for this pattern to repeat itself.