Milton Friedman: The Economist in Winter

The S.F. Chronicle has a useful mini-profile of free-market economist Milton Friedman. He’s 93, and still intellectually active, as this piece makes clear. Joe Stiglitz gets in the best back-handed compliment:

“He was the best articulator of a set of ideas,” Stiglitz said, now at Columbia
University. “But they happen to be wrong ideas.”


  1. Joe Stiglitz should be remembered for this line as Friedman is remembered for his statement on the cause of inflation. Side by side, those statements will put their reputations in proper perspective.

  2. Franklin Stubbs says:

    Public figures are presented with an impossible catch-22. On the one hand, you have to be willing to speak your mind in public (otherwise there is no value in being a public figure at all).
    On the other hand, any offhand quote or poorly conceived analogy, no matter how badly you might wish to take it back, has the potential to be your de facto epitaph.
    “Oh yeah, that guy? He was the one who said X. What a dumb thing to say.”