Memewatch: Crazy *-ious

Okay, mostly because I’m really, really guilty here, I think it’s time to set a Jorn Barger-style memewatch on phrases like “crazy *-ious”. The original, of course, was “crazy delicious” from the viral SNL video back in December. Now, however, we’ve seen “crazy” (me), “crazy digglicious” (me again), “crazy suspicious” (oh crap, that’s me again), and, finally, “crazy litigious” (Mr. Ingram), but I’m sure there are others.

I hope there are, anyway.


  1. I was quite proud of that one, I must say :-)

  2. And you should be. I’m only doing this out of professional jealousy.

  3. Hehe. I beat Mathew Ingram to that headline by a full three days:
    NBC Goes Crazy Litigious
    Do I get a cookie? :)

  4. No, but you get a resounding “attaboy!”. And the winner is … Pete Cashmore!