Media Investing in Web 2.0, Plus Six Apart’s Financing

There is a good overview in IDD of the media i-banking view of Web 2.0. It’s mostly advisory assignment (i.e., who do I sell myself to?), not IPO business, but there is still real ardor for the business.

One nugget from the piece: Six Apart just closed a $12m Series C venture round. Has that been announced? If so, why had I not seen it?

[Update] Om’s now on this, so I definitely wasn’t the only one who hadn’t heard of the latest Six Apart financing. I’m sure this was hotly contested, but I’m less convinced than Om is that all the usual acquirers aren’t possibles on this one as well, although a $12m round for SA does imply a post-money value that has to be getting up there.

The biggest surprise: No official word from Six Apart. Hey, apparently this blogging business isn’t nearly as transparency-increasing as advertised, even if you’re a blog tool company yourself.

[Update^2] Six Apart’s Andrew Anker has a comment to this post,
saying, in effect, that Six Apart has nothing to say, but neither
confirming nor denying. Make of that what you will, but his comment makes all of this seem a truly 
unfortunate circumstance for the company. I sympathize entirely.

As a random aside, and I’m sure the two are utterly uncorrelated, but lately my Movable Type install has been misbehaving less than usual. Maybe there’s a good vibe in the ether.


  1. It’s not about increasing or decreasing transparency, it’s about having something to talk about or not having something to talk about. And unfortunately for this story, we don’t have anything to talk about.