Me in VCJ

For those of you with subscriptions, I’m interviewed on search market opportunities in the current issue of Venture Capital Journal.


  1. There needs to be some co-marketing bundle whereby I can pay $10/yr and be permitted read all the subscription articles that you post.
    Call it the Kedrosky Maggregator.
    Lately, you’ve been heavy on the sub-only links, and I’m feeling rather out of the loop.
    How much do you personally pay out of pocket for yearly subscriptions, I wonder?

  2. I try not to link overly to expensive fee-only pubs, but you’re right, it happens. Wrt publications like VCJ, I don’t actually subscribe. While we get it at Ventures West, I am not a personal subscriber. As you imply, it would be a few solar masses of money if I had to pay personally for everything.
    It would be nice, however, if I could get a comp link for every article in which I’m interviewed, and that I could then share here. I’ll start asking!