Maxillofacial Junk Removal and Judys Book

I have a nasty amount of junk I’ve put together that I would like removed from the house here in San Diego. I first called 800GotJunk, but then, being an inter-net fan, I did a Google search, which was ultimately useless.

And then, a brain-wave: Those local search folks, like Judys Book, tell a  good story. I should try that. Here is the first result from a “junk removal” search in San Diego on Judys Book:

Granted, it’s a kind of junk removal, but I doubt they have a truck and crew that will come to my house.


  1. Brent Holliday says:

    Awwww, c’mon… give the 1800 Junk guys your business. Started by a Vancouver BC entrepreneur (Brian Scudamore) and populated with Ivey School (UWO, an alma mater of PK’s) grads that used to franchise College Pro Painters.

  2. You know, I should have remembered the Vancouver connection. It seems to be going gangbusters, so good for Brian. Too bad it’s so pricey though !

  3. Erg – not so good on that Judy’s Book search. I’ve gone and given a message to the Judy’s Book search gnomes to go tweak the algorithm. Interestingly, in Boulder it does an ok job (although the first item is Izze Beverage – nothing to do with junk unless you don’t like new age sodas.)