Kill A9

With Udi Manber leaving Amazon’s A9, it is past time Amazon killed the failing search venture:

Google is by far the leader in the search engine field, commanding 46.3
percent of the U.S. market according to the latest November data from
Nielsen/NetRatings. By comparison,’s A9 ranked 29th, with
0.1 percent of the market.

‘Nuff said.


  1. I use a9, I really like their bookmarks which work on all browsers and especially their diary features .. plus a9 uses google as their search

  2. Not sure what they’re trying to do here but Google powers A9. It’s a bit strange IMO but at least they’re innovating…

  3. Roger Bohn says:

    I use them because of the 1.5% discount it gives on all Amazon purchases. (pi/2, to be exact.) Since they use Google as the search engine, plus Amazon’s “search inside this book,” they do a fine job as far as searching. The ability to add or subtract search subsets on the fly is also superior to the raw Google search interface.

  4. Yup, spin-off hell.