Kill A9

With Udi Manber leaving Amazon’s A9, it is past time Amazon killed the failing search venture:

Google is by far the leader in the search engine field, commanding 46.3
percent of the U.S. market according to the latest November data from
Nielsen/NetRatings. By comparison,’s A9 ranked 29th, with
0.1 percent of the market.

‘Nuff said.

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  1. greg says:

    I use a9, I really like their bookmarks which work on all browsers and especially their diary features .. plus a9 uses google as their search

  2. Kevin Burton says:

    Not sure what they’re trying to do here but Google powers A9. It’s a bit strange IMO but at least they’re innovating…

  3. Roger Bohn says:

    I use them because of the 1.5% discount it gives on all Amazon purchases. (pi/2, to be exact.) Since they use Google as the search engine, plus Amazon’s “search inside this book,” they do a fine job as far as searching. The ability to add or subtract search subsets on the fly is also superior to the raw Google search interface.

  4. A9imous says:

    Yup, spin-off hell.