iPod Class Action Suit

There is a new class action suit against Apple for hearing loss allegedly caused by its iPod player. While there is nothing funny about hearing loss, and there is zero amusing about predating law firms and class action suits, the allegations are so bizarre you almost have to laugh:

30. Compounding this problem is the MP’s capability to store and play tens of thousands of songs, giving the listener the ability to listen to seemingly endless music without any rest, and without giving ears a chance to recover.

Darn Moore’s Law with those ongoing improvements in memory capacity.

And then there’s this one:

32. [The hearing damage warning on iPods] does not specifically mention noise induced hearing loss, nor what may cause it, and does not advise the listener what is a “high volume” or a “safe level”.

Right, right, and let’s not stop there. The iPod documentation also doesn’t tell you not to swallow the iPod ear buds, and I guarantee you there’s a choking hazard. Hey, those things are lethal!


  1. see McD’s hot coffee case. get in front of the right jury and this could be a slam dunk.