Google vs. Overstock

A confession: I’m far less troubled by Google’s typically clumsy attempt to downplay expectations for the quarter (“our growth rates are slowing … and we’re going to have to find other ways … to monetize the business”) than I am by the even clumsier subpoenas (all unpublished communications!) directed toward various reporters over the Overstock/Gradient/Rocker affair.

obDisclosure: I write a weekly column for the, and Rocker has a sizable equity stake.


  1. Paul:
    I have followed your blog for quit some time. I admire your ability to stay on top of so many different topics and markets.
    I do have to adamantly disagree with your post about the “Overstock/Gradient/Rocker affair” as you call it. I can see however your perspective on it (meaning that it is hard to bite the hands that feed you). I can understand that it would be in your best interest to say what you did.

  2. Hey Ryan — Thanks for the (sort of) kind words. I have no problem with biting the hand that feeds me, and while I can be bought, it takes waaaay more money than I get from a weekly column at 😉
    In a nutshell, while I could be wrong about the OGR affair, right now I remain enthusastically skeptical about Patrick Byrne’s nutty musings. Sure, he could be right, but that is the rallying cry of conspiracy theorists everywhere, “But what if I’m right …?”

  3. The problem with this whole (not-yet-maybe-never-scandal) is everybody IS linked and it *appears* there could improprieties. And who could ask for a better (Rocker Partners the Evil short hedge fund) bogeyman. These are VERY Serious Allegations, the upside is Byrne is the one making them, ‘Sooo You Got For Ya, Which is Nice.’
    One thing for sure : This is Freaking ENTERTAINING! I Mean “Wow!” It don’t get much better than this on Wall Street.