Evil Financial Blogs and Dealbreaker

David Weidner at Marketwatch has a column out about financial blogs, and it includes mention of this one. He describes me  as “…never being shy about inserting myself into his posts”. Really? Waitaminute: Me, me, me. And me. Hmmm. he’s right.

Anyway, two non-me tidbits from the piece. First, a surprising number of other StreetBloggers won’t identify themselves, which is a constant source of amusement to me. Why go to the trouble?

Second, ex-Gawker blogger Elizabeth Spiers is apparently looking to bring the Gawker gossip model [ed. We need more of that Valleywag stuff? Eesh] to Wall Street with a new blog called Dealbreaker. (Yo Liz, cute SEC filing-ish placeholder page, but it’s Movable Type, not Moveable Type. Just so you know.)

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  1. paul says:

    MarketWatch just doesn’t like the competition.