Do the Stockmarket Bears Own Google Media?

Jim Cramer has an interesting post on Google over at RealMoney this morning. In arguing that bears should get out of Google while they can, he says the following:

Believe me, most of these [portfolio] managers don’t want to be involved. [Google] is a pain to trade. The bears own the media on this stock, including the major news organizations away from business, and Eric Schmidt, the guy who runs it day-to-day has a lineage that lacks any substance: Sun Micro and Novell.

I like Jim tons, and Google is almost certainly over beaten-up as a stock, but someone needs to show me how the bears own the non-business media on the stock. The last major piece I saw, the Time article last weekend, struck me as being intended as more bullish than bearish.

obDisclosure: I write a weekly column for the Cramer-founded TheStreet/Realmoney.

[Update] Okay, okay, enough emails already. I agree, there are plenty of bearish stories out there about Google. The following Google News cluster demonstrates that nicely:

I still think the media loves Google and plays the bull story better, but maybe JJC has more of a point than I thought.