Did the Barron’s Hit on Google Leak?

In looking through my referrer log yesterday I noticed something interesting: At 16:01 EST on Friday there was a mini-avalanche of people searching for variations on “barron’s google”. By the end of the day hundreds of people had shown up at my site looking for the subject, and Google’s shares went on to decline nastily in the after-market.

Given the hit job on Google in today’s Barron’s it could only have been that piece that people were looking for. Anyone have any idea what time Barron’s put out a press release (or email) tipping the story?

[Update] As is clear from comments to this piece and emails I’ve received, CNBC tipped the Barron’s story just before the 4pm close of trading. And then at around 4:10pm the Money Honey had a Barron’s writer on to plug the piece in more detail. Still interesting, as a quick short trade at the close would have made you a few percent in afterhours — money, of course, that you might very well make back on the long side on Monday morning assuming the stock bounces off the news.


  1. curtis stapke says:

    There was a guy from Barrons on with Bartiromo at about 4:10 talking about the cover story. In reading it, they sure do discount anything going right for Google. If memory serves, they basically made out a valuation case on Google earning about 30% less than estimates for ’05. That would be a tremendous slowdown. Oh well, might be a decent buying opportunity Monday am.

  2. Yeah, like Curtis said, it was b/c of CNBC. They teased the story just before 4:00.

  3. Scary thoughts on Google vs. our privacy:

  4. Scary thoughts on Google vs. our privacy: