coComment Leaves Closed Beta … and Breaks

Great to see that the spiffy new coComment service has left closed beta, but after it working nicely on my site for a week or so, it is now broken. It no longer properly collects title/link/author information about the post on which you’re commenting.

Entering wide beta is apparently inversely correlated with Movable Type support.


  1. I do like CoCo, and it’s a nice enthusiastic team, but co.mments is simply a better solution, see reasons here:

  2. Zoli — Thanks for making me look. It’s a nice app as well, as albeit slightly different in spin than coComment. I do like that you can subscribe to all comments, not just the ones in which you participate. Then again, I like the coComment idea that I’m automatically subscribed to (sort of) the conversations to which I contribute.
    Anyway, will try it further….

  3. “automatically subscribed to (sort of) the conversations to which I contribute”
    If you’re a Firefox user, you’ll see that feature in a future release. Sans the “sort of”.

  4. “I’m automatically subscribed to (sort of) the conversations to which I contribute.” Not really, you have to click (unless you use the Greasemonkey script) – and that’s the same with co.mments. But the real problem is, you may subscribe, but all the subsequent commenters will also have to use CoCo to get reported back to you… that’s too much interdependency, IMHO. I’d prefer some certainty, i.e. if I subscribed, then I will get the feed …

  5. Good point. While I do use the GM script in coComment, but the root issue is I only see posts from fellow coComment subscribers. It sounds like coComment is adding a co.mments-like comment-scraping feature, but it isn’t there yet.

  6. The problem with not being able to properly collect information should be fixed now. Sorry about that, it was one of those silly bugs you find too late.

  7. Things are back to normal. Thanks Paul for letting us know, and as you said we are working on implementing what we call comments crawling – i.e. the possibility to follow a discussion even if the follow ups have not been made using coComment.