Beware Rogue PR Agencies

They’re out there, roaming the concrete canyons, lurking … waiting … ready to promote unsuspecting companies. Who are they? Rogue PR agencies.

Huh, you say? Huh, I said too.

Here’s the story: An OTC-BB company called Narrowstep put out a press release late today saying that a  company called Catalyst Consulting Partners had announced its engagement (for $490,000 in cash and 500,000 Narrowstep shares) to provide PR consulting to Narrowstep.

But there is a problem, according to Narrowstep. It didn’t hire Catalyst to do PR consulting. Not only that, Narrowstep says, the company that did hire Catalyst (a company called Fidice International), isn’t authorized to, you know, do that sort of thing, what with being unaffiliated and everything.

Rogue PR agencies strike again!