Barron’s Rips Google a New One

As had been widely rumored, this weekend’s Barron’s has a cover piece going after Google:

To get a sense of what might happen to the stock, we gave one uber-bull’s 2006 revenue estimate for Google a 20% haircut, trimmed his projected expenses by 5% (but no further, because bulls greatly underestimate Google’s costs), deducted stock-based compensation and, generously, gave the company credit for the considerable interest income on its cash. The result: Earnings would be 30% lower than the bull’s projection, at $6.28 a share. If the stock were to maintain its current multiple of 41 on those lowered earnings, it would be worth $257. It’s more likely the multiple would shrink to as low as 30, in line with the slower growth. That would make the stock worth $188, versus its recent $360.

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  1. Fartikus says:

    furthermore i say google has become the new stock market “general”. its drop will take most of the nasdaq and s&p with it. people will wonder why the s&p is dropping like a rock even though earnings are flying and companies are doing well….google became a proxy for the wishfulness of the entire investing public. i don’t think this is far fetched, i watched yahoo carry the market quite a bit back in the day.