Analytics Uber Alles: Google Buys Measuremap

It was either the worst kept secret going, or the most obvious tie-up ever, with people tipping a Google/Measuremap tie-up to me so often that when I saw the news just now I thought, “Oh, that.”

As a beta version Measuremap user, I prefer it to Google Analytics for blog traffic. The latter is more feature-rich, for sure, but without being customized to blogs it was too much trouble to use for the sorts of things I monitor on this site, like referrers, traffic, story hits, etc. (Mind you, I still use a basic referrer log analysis tool more than I use either Measuremap or Google Analytics.)

This is, of course, yet another non-search Google acquisition. (As I’ve said a number of times, if you tried to reconstruct Google’s core business from its many small acquisitions, most non-psychics would be flummoxed.) Not that it’s a bad thing, as I’m a huge fan of analytics — the more the better, so good for Google to fill out a hole in its ever-growing line of free services.

So, is this bad news for anyone? Sure, anyone with non-free analytics products in the low- and mid-end, like Webtrends, should be worried. Google is steadily encroaching on their turf, no business model in sight, and you can definitely see full commodification looming.


  1. This acquisition fits very neatly into the strategy of Google becoming an arbiter of attention. Its forays into radio and print are simply the company expanding into other areas of consumer attention. However, Google also needs to be able to measure attention on non-google sites which is where Google Analytics (nee Urchin) and now Measure Map come in.
    These utilities will allow Google to gain attention information which can then be used to increase the price for advertising around certain topics and sites.

  2. I belive that the measure map integration causes one of the biggest threats to privacy ever seen on the web.
    Why? Because your blog tells about you everything Google didn’t know yet.
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