A Gmail Zen Question

Why oh why is it that the illustrious Gmail and its glorious Google creators deign only to tell us how many emails are in our Spam folder on Gmail, but  not how many emails are in the “starrred” priority folder? In what alternate universe is it that junk mail is more important than priority mail?

I ask not to be mischievous, but because I genuinely like Gmail, and have found some of its more bizarre behavior useful. This one, however, I just can’t figure out.


  1. The reason may be technical. That count is one expensive operation. Same reason they tell you “1-10 of 50,000 results” and that 50,000 is a fairly crude statistical estimate.

  2. the pic to illustrate this post is clearly fake. there is NO email account with only 4 spam emails on this earth.

  3. I would guess that it doesn’t keep track because the Starred messages don’t go into a folder (like Drafts or Spam do) — they just appear Starred on the mail inbox list.
    This is rather irksome for me as well, when I label messages in my inbox — I would much rather have separate folders.