Yi-Tan: Why Apple?

This week’s Yi-Tan call starts momentarily:

In a supposedly online, dot-com world, why are Apple’s real-world stores doing so well? What are they serving at the Genius Bars?
 Apple’s revenues per store are on an amazing growth curve, and the company has nowhere near the number of outlets of a Best Buy or CompUSA. As we sip on some Smart Water, let’s examine these questions:
 *       Has Apple found the sweet spot with digital natives?
 *       Who will compete with Apple? Where is the iPod’s Avis?
 *       What comes next? What does Starbucks have to do with this trend?
 As always, an IRC Chat www.seedwiki.com/wiki/yi-tan/irc_chat.cfm?wpid=163280: www.seedwiki.com/wiki/yi-tan/irc_chat.cfm?wpid=163280> >  will be available during the call, here.
 Date:    Tuesday, January 3, 2006
 Time:    10:30 PST, 1:30 EST


  1. Can you please post a chat transcript after the call is over for the non-IRC types?

  2. They lost me with the SBUX analogy also, but now that i think about it I think they were trying to give an example of a company who has had success ‘converting’ people to a digital lifestyle (wifi spots, mp3 cds).