What’s a Superbowl?

While I may live mostly in southern California, I’m Canadian, so I have no idea what this “Superbowl” thing is. Nevertheless, courtesy of Om, I’m entertained by this funky predictor tool that weighs team merchandise value at Ebay as a way of predicting the outcome of said Superbowl. While this app is playful, this sort of thing is much more useful than many people realize.


  1. Very good point – the last one.
    I had my moment of enlightenment when someone explained to me that you calculate Black-Scholes in reverse to work out the public’s “expectations” of future volatility.
    Then again, as much as everyone loves fancy maths, the operative word is usefulness.
    Now…I think there are the obvious solutions. Least of which is website that’ll chart me a 2 year trend for the price of a Sony widescreen television or a Dell laptop computer.
    That would be very useful. As far as bargains go, timing is everything šŸ˜‰