We the Media Edge Cases

Scott Karp nails it (mostly) in an insight piece on why the real bubble 2.0 is in media. As he argues, the tech industry is, for at least the third time in the last decade, fancying itself as being in the media industry, except its participants know no more this time than last times  about that nutty business. As he says, the key is to focus on the users, rather than trying to be latter-day Murdochs with walled gardens and minimal attention to people’s desperate pleas for assistance as they become neck-deep in info-dreck.

I would add one clarification, however. This is actually much less of a problem and an opportunity than most of us members of the blog-o-sphere chattering class imagine. Why? Because we live in the media world, absorbing, reformulating, and commenting on things in a daily basis. Sure, we want better tools, and we deserve them, but most members of the “real world” don’t have our problem, and they never will. To borrow a phrase that Scoble apparently didn’t like having directed at him at a recent Microsoft conference, We’re all media edge cases. And we need to get over thinking that anyone else cares.