The Next Big Thing in Software

In thinking about the latest round of outages at hosted software service, I had an idea. Rather than relying so much on software as a service with its inevitable single point of failure, why not install software binaries at all customer sites and sell it by the license?

I’m going to call this approach “shrink-wrapped” software. I think it could be really big, maybe even the next big thing in software.


  1. Come on Paul — now you’re just talkin’ crazy.

  2. Mitch Mitcherson says:

    Is this sarcastic? I can’t tell.

  3. Can I invest?

  4. yeah! we could send users a 2,000 dvd set called “the best of the internet” and then they could run a search engine against it on their pentiumIII, because its highly unlikely that anyone could run this service effectively across the network.
    sarcasm off: its still better to have your code running on a server through a simple standards based client. as sucky as outages are, i bet they get patched faster than a point-release for a bad shrink-wrap app can go out on cd by fedex.

  5. Toni: Absolutely
    Mitch: Yes!

  6. @Fartikus: Without pr0n “the best of the Internet” would fit on a CD, ya know.

  7. I see comarketing potential with wireless television!

  8. @Observer: why on earth would you want to exclude porn?

  9. I don’t know Paul, I think you’re way behind the times here. The next big thing is going to be this device called the “abacus.” No electricity costs, no complicated upgrades, no BSoD!

  10. The next thing in software is going to be things like SugarCRM where you can choose to host it yourself, or not. Or migrate to hosting or away from hosting.
    The second next thing in software is going to be client side applications that rely upon centralized servers. Even with all the Ajax (yuck) stuff going on, it’s hard to be a native user interface.

  11. You know something is funny when you get a chuckle from it two days in a row.
    The next big thing in software is hardware. With everyone walking around with 6 devices, something has to give and the drive to converge to a single device will be the holy grail.