The Million-Dollar Page-conomy

This whole “million dollar page” nonsense continues, with people launching blog-centric cloned perversely circular sites stuffed with tiny ads, all on the basis that people will visit the site to see if someone would really do something so dumb as to advertise on a site created purely to see if people would advertise on the site.

Got that? Whew.


  1. I hope to God someone somewhere is doing a behavioural/psychological analysis of that million-dollar homepage phenomenon — maybe the site’s creator could do it. It reminds of something Phil Kives, the Saskatoon-born founder of K-Tel, said once — about how millions of people will buy just about anything, no matter how ridiculous or crappy it is (I’m paraphrasing a little).

  2. come on – you financing types invented the bigger fool theory!

  3. You know what though? I’m jealous. I made my website back in August, and I’m loving every minute of it. It even got me my new job, which I love so far. But you’ve got to give the original guy credit for a great idea. He’s got $1,000,000 from his website, and you and I don’t. And he’s probably got himself plenty of opportunities for a job at a bunch of companies. Probably one of the best uses of the internet for private, personal gain that I’ve ever seen – because *anyone* could have done it, and with minimal work and effort. All it took was an idea.

  4. It actually took hiring a PR guy and paying him a handsome amount of money. Without that, forget about it.

  5. Hey, this new site has a better implementation. I mean, look how smooth it can be :P. Plus, the owner said that he had sold 3100 ads. Why do I only see