The Big Business in Mining E-Archives

Fascinating (if thoroughly discomfiting) story here on the rapidly growing paralegal business of mining company’s e-archives for litigation. Here are some of the stats that got my attention:

  • $2-billion market, growing 35% a year
  • Forensics company Kroll Ontrack has had its archives go from a half-petabyte to two petabytes in 18 months
  • One vendor, Fios, had 38 employees in 2003, and has 120 today
  • And the kicker … 90% of U.S. companies are engaged in some kind of litigation

Business opportunities aside, the moral in all of this is the same as usual: Put nothing in email or instant messaging that you wouldn’t want to have read in the town square.


  1. Interesting timing on your comment. Clearwell Systems just launched this week.

  2. lawyering…america’s last growth industry

  3. any stock ideas in this area?