Paul is Lost in Google Space

Om muses today about geeks claiming their rightful place in Google space. Afterall, Om is the number three “Om” in Google; type Robert and find out that Scoble is in at number 9 (the blog at number 3 is no longer his current site); type Niall and you get blogger Niall Kennedy in the #2 spot.

But type Paul and … well, you don’t get me. The first blogger “Paul” is Paul Graham, a fine fellow, but not me. And then there’s … well let’s just say damn Paul McCartney, and Paul Anka, and Paul Simon, and Paul Cezanne. They’ve pushed me out to the ninth position on the seventh page of Google results.



  1. Paul is a pretty ‘generic’ name though. Om and Niall aren’t exactly on the top ten list of baby names. You have a lot more competition. Just be glad your last name isn’t Jones.

  2. Look on the bright side: you’re the second result for “greed” :)

  3. Chris Anderson says:

    You provoked me: I’m the ninth “Chris”. I made the first page (just)!

  4. I’m the ninth result for “Chairman.” Only Greenspan and Mao (in that order) rate higher.

  5. I mentioned this on Om’s blog too. MSN ranks me no.1 Abdul Aziz. Google nowhere:(