Liking the Netvibes Vibe

I’m trying out Netvibes as a replacement for my longstanding browser startup screen at My Yahoo, and so far I’m liking it more than I thought I would. What am I so fond of? I like Netvibes’ extensibility, I like how easy it is to add new data feeds, and I like how quickly it is evolving in response to user needs. While I have taken out some personal data feeds (site traffic, referrers, Amazon Associates earnings, etc.) from the following screen shot, you can still see how with a few tweaks this could easily turn into a useful dashboard.


  1. i have been using netvibes heavily for a few months now, mostly as an RSS aggregator
    some plusses:
    – nice UI. functional but minimalistic. no stupid logos or other crap to get in the way. nice smallish font works well when you have dozens of feeds.
    – remembers read/visited links. not sure how many other RSS sites do this, but lots don’t.
    – i like the three column approach
    – slow. i can’t use this as a homepage. in fact, i suggest the idea of a homepage is silly. in my firefox i already have weather, a gmail indicator, a search feature (shortcuts for all major engines), etc. what is the point of a “home” page again?
    – iffy future. as far as i know netvibes is two guys.

  2. Should give a try. Tons of flexibility and a growing developer community building gadgets.
    And crazy fast.

  3. I agree, home page is the wrong word, so I actually added and deleted the words a few times. The thing I’m looking for is a persistent dashboard that constantly feeds me key data along a few dimensions that I choose. I don’t get that in Firefox extensions, and I don’t get that (completely) in Netvibes, but it’s closer than many other things I’ve looked at.
    Anyway, does Netvibes seem like a viable business? No. Most of these Ajax-y desktop products remind me all-too-much of the not-so-glory days of Octopus, the unlamented make-your-own-desktop of the dying days of the dot-com daze.

  4. How will they earn money? Putting Adsense? Putting Banners?
    I’m using it to share weblinks from my office to my home.

  5. I’ve been using Netvibes for several months now too, primarily as an RSS reader, after using Bloglines and NewsGator and a server-based PHP solution I ran myself called feed on feeds. I like the fact that I can see a whole bunch of feeds at once with Netvibes, and it automatically updates every few minutes. I don’t think it could handle a lot of feeds, but it is pretty fast. Unfortunately, it will probably be overtaken at some point by and