I am Craig, the Destroyer of Worlds

The New York magazine piece on Craig Newmark of Craiglist fame is out, and it’s fun reading, even if there isn’t much new here. My solace: Craig is publicly not accepting responsibility for the decline in classifieds revenue in the newspaper industry.

It’s about time. It’s not Newmark’s fault that hidebound newspapers can’t figure out how to respond properly to classifieds leaving dead tree reading and going to more flexible services like Craigslist.


  1. Ah, never accepted it, just got a little more vocal.

  2. i wish the newspapers would shut up and die. they’ve had nearly a decade to understand and catch up to their web competitors. they still don’t understand. and why should they? their margins are still healthy (avg newspapers margin around 20% if i recall), their geezer readers still walk out to the driveway to pick up the soggy paper.

  3. Hey Craig — Okay, that’ll do. Either way, I’m glad that you’re not letting people whack you around as if you’ll eventually become a benighted benefactor for a declining industry.

  4. If I were Craig, I’d be upset about the “schlumpy” part…