How Much for that Keyword in the Window? Less

Search keyword prices — the amount that advertisers will pay to appear when someone searches for a particular word or phrase — continue to fall, according to the latest release from Fathom Online.

Here are some highlights:

  • Overall, prices prices for a basket of common keywords have dropped 19 percent from December 2004
  • The result a year ago was badly skewed, admittedly, by a whopping $4.79 average keyword price in the Finance-Mortgage category. The current price in that category is $3.30, a whopping 30% decline, reconfirming the housing slowdown
  • In the days leading up to Christmas some hot button keywords like “diamond earrings” and “Hi Def television” brought prices as highs as $2.00 to $3.00 per click
  • Prices for wireless-related keywords climbed 15 percent to $1.09 in December, after dropping 10 percent in November
  • Automotive keyword prices rose for the second month in a row, up 10 percent to $1.52.
  • Finance, investment, and mortgage keywords tumbled 10 to 11-percent.