Got that Synching Feeling About Firefox Extensions

Why is there no way to sync Firefox extensions (and Greasemonkey scripts, for that matter) across multiple machines? It drives me crazy. I’ve even tried using FolderShare to do it, and the results were … errant.


  1. there’s your new business paul – a .fox web service similar to .mac. email, filesharing, bookmark synching, all tied in to your browser. technically not hard to do and you could likely charge a nominal fee.

  2. Paul,
    I used FolderShare to sync my build of Firefox and extensions across two machines. Worked like a charm for me. Foldershare just allowed me to remotely copy the Firefox application files and profile data to the other machine which could have been done with a CD-R or Windows Networking (which I can never get to work correctly).

  3. Curious – what was errant when you tried to use FolderShare?

  4. This issue was a real pain for me, and now I am off to investigate how foldershare can solve this for me, to thanks. I hope that this might also allow me to keep my bookmarks synch’d up.

  5. the easiest way (syncing the profile folders) requires having profile directories with the same name across all the machines. this is pretty easy if: 1) all your computers are the same platform, 2) your user name is the same across the machines (or your user profile dir is the same path) 3) you have one profile that you can consider worth saving and can trash the rest.
    copy your good profile folder over to the FF profile directory on the other machines and run the following command: firefox.exe -profilemanager (or ./firefox -profilemanager in the firefox folder on mac or lin). destroy the existing profiles, create a new one and point the folder to the profile folder you copied over.
    remember, if your profile folders have a different path, this won’t work (perfectly). backup your profile directory before monkeying around. if you don’t meet all the criteria, you may still be able to merge them by doing some regular expression matching to insert the proper path in the files on the each machine. i did this for awhile and it was painful, but it worked. it is also worth noting that work is planned to make profile settings have relative paths in future releases to make this easier. you may also check out “Portable Firefox” if a usb key seems like a convenient way to carry your profile.