Google + iTunes = gTunes. Say What?

Other than that Google sees a useful revenue stream, will someone explain to me why Google wants to be iTunes? The company’s announcement of fee-based video downloading services for television shows is nice, but what the f does it have to do with search and search-driven advertising that Google couldn’t do more effectively through partnering with, say, Apple?

Granted, television is information (sometimes), and Google wants to make information searchable, but we are rapidly seeing what liberal interpretation of an over-broad corporate ethos actually means: Everything.

Then again, maybe I’m just having a low-vision and cranky Friday. It was wonderfully warm here in La Jolla, and I spent almost the whole day in the office.


  1. Google will build the targeted ad system from “Minority Report” It will work on TV, radio, pods, webpages.
    They WILL leverage the data they have on your every interest (look in your google search history and tell me that’s not obvious).
    Put 2 + 2 together, and they are on their way to bringing the PPC model to the rest of the $400B ad market.
    That’s why.
    Until you get your vision mojo back, here’s the step-by-step:

  2. See the recent Cringley article re: the potential of targeted ads to IPTV viewers. That is what the CBS thing is all about, behind all the Google Pack bullsh-t. The former has the ability to revolutionize advertising. The latter, well, is just kinda stupid.
    Video download is just a means to get people to IPTV faster.

  3. google isn’t a search company, it’s an advertising company. as astoundingly efficient advertising sales and distribution company. video everywhere anytime is replacing television just like the web has replaced newspapers – content and advertising. google is positioning to re-use the sales cpabilities of their advertising machine and extend the distribution capabilities into the next huge shift in media.

  4. ALittleJaded says:

    Am I the only one that thinks all this web advertising stuff is a comeplete bubble? I’m your typical 20-something guy, i use gmail, skype, firfox…And i *never* click on web ads. Ever.

  5. Okay, I have no problem with Google being a media/advertising company — but that means it must eventually get valued like one.

  6. They’re monetizing all the world’s information, right?
    (Or maybe that was “organizing”? I can never keep those straight…

  7. first, most of this is being culled from a cringley article. these “trailers” he describes have gone from being remote data centers for a massive caching operation to being remote television advertizing pods. all in the space of a month. now thats a reengineering project. or maybe these trailers are to cringley what area 51 is to conspiracy nuts – a rorschach test – it is what you perceive it to be.
    the google cultists are an amusing bunch.

  8. ucsd tyler says:

    the google model explained —-
    create $earchable databases of…..
    phase 1 — all websites (
    phase 2 — all paper text (
    phase 3 — all classified/blog (
    phase 4 — all video/tv/film (
    its quite simple really