GOOG $600

Google’s shares are climbing to $600 this year, or so says analyst Safa Rashtchy of PiperJaffray. The report is here, courtesy of John Battelle.

Leaving aside the merits of the forecast (50x pro-forma 2007 EPS), it’s swell to see the My Forecast Is Twice As Big As Your Forecast game starting up on Wall Street again. It’s been so quiet without that sort of thing.

[Update] Commenters on this post have taken the GOOG target price up to $1,000. Do I hear $2,000? The things you have to do to get featured on Bloomberg.


  1. One Way Stox says:

    GOOG goes to $1000

  2. There, you’ve got it now! Soon there’ll be a home game so that people watching on CNBC can play along and create their own estimates from the comfort of their Aeron.

  3. A good example where independence in equity research is a BAD thing. If she believes this so vehemently she should put her money where her mouth is.

  4. Get your own number – I called $1000 back in July!
    Main point: GOOG is the tech bellwether. It has replaced MSFT, and it will sport a valuation to go with the title.

  5. Um, at GOOG’s current valuation it’s nearly there. GOOG has a $125billion market cap. Compare to MSFT (with 10x GOOG’s revenues)at $285b, CSCO (6x GOOG revs) at $105b, IBM (22x GOOG revs) at $130b and so on. GOOG is, today, worth more than EBAY ($60b)and YHOO ($60b) combined, and those two have 2x GOOG’s current revenues. If Jan ’07 $450 puts weren’t selling for $55 a pop, I’d consider it…

  6. One Way Stox says:

    Right now, the trailing revenue base ain’t the thing. It’s mkt. cap.
    &, on a one-to-one basis, GOOG=MSFT when GOOG=$970.

  7. One Way Stox says:

    HA! & u fuggers thought i was nuts. cnbc has a coming on who says “google’s going to $2000”!

  8. Actually, I have the $2000 estimate here:
    There was much talk about this on the Yahoo boards for GOOG. Not an official target, but nonetheless, someone semi-official putting a $2000 target up there.
    Dislcosure, I hold Feb 520 Calls and would certainly not mind if this, in fact took place in the near term.

  9. Tada–current Bloomberg headline of a $2000 target
    for GOOG. Nice call, Paul.