Executives Propose SEC Transparency

When I see headlines like “SEC Proposes Executive Pay Transparency”, I always think that executives should respond with a headline of their own. How about, “Executives Propose SEC Transparency”? That seems appropriate in the circumstances.


  1. While I certainly agree with the idea of Executives responding as you suggest (and the SEC actually enacting such a thing), are you suggesting that Executives pay shouldn’t be more transparent?
    As an interesting and mostly unrelated aside, I always thought that elected officials who promote mandatory drug testing in certain industries (Transportation, e.g.) should be subject to the same regulation. The argument is that since pilots have other people’s lives in their hands, preemptive testing is a good thing. I find it strangely absent that someone who might make long lasting policy decisions is not considered as dangerous as an individual that might at most kill a few hundred people. Not particularly on topic, but I think that the idea of holding policy maker and follower to the same standard is a good idea and a great power check.

  2. No question exec pay needs to be clearer to interested in parties. But that said, I still feel that having a notoriously murky financial regulator ask CEOs, post SarbOX, to be more forthcoming was, let’s just say, less than completely consistent.