Do I Hear GOOG $4,000?

Ah, I’m so smart. After posting a puckish entry earlier this week about one analyst putting a $600 target on Google’s stock, I pointed out that we had re-commenced the analyst game of My Target Is Bigger Than Your Target. First $600, then $1000, on and on so long as you can get CNBC to call and Bloomberg to run a headline.

Well, Mark Stahlman has really shown people what-for with his $2,000 GOOG target today. The Caris & Co. analyst is making a real bid for attention, not too different from driving around town with cans tied to the back of your car, and the effort has been rewarded by Bloomberg and others: 

Google Analyst Stahlman Trumps Rivals With $2,000 Bet (Update4)
January 6, 2006 17:19 EST — Mark Stahlman, an analyst at Caris & Co., trumped competitors on Wall Street with his prediction Google Inc. shares will hit $2,000.

So, is $4,000 next? But of course. That’s a mere 9-bagger from current levels. Step right up folks …


  1. If I were Mark Stahlman’s boss, I would fire him.

  2. Fire him? I bet he promotes him. In the screwy world of do-what-we-say-not-what-we-do brokerage firms, he just got Caris something it hasn’t had in some time — not stock-picking savvy, but media heat.

  3. back up the truck.
    this type of stuff reminds me of all the analysts who didn’t lose their cfa. if i had one i would give it up

  4. Michael Robinson says:

    I would really, really like to buy a $2000 put on GOOG.
    Anybody know where I can get one of those at a good price?
    If not, then more than one person really needs to be fired for promulgating this nonsense.

  5. One Way Stox says:

    I love this blog