Dixon Doll’s Team-Centric Venture Investing

This lengthy TheDeal piece on Dixon’s Doll’s success in the venture business contains this nugget on an only-in-the-venture-business unusual aspect of his strategy:

Several entrepreneurs who have worked with Dixon and Chao on successful and failed startups say DCM-Doll’s determination that every partner work with every company is a key secret to their success, ensuring that the skills and connections of each of the firm’s investment professionals benefit all of the firm’s portfolio companies.

Doll explains that from the beginning, he wanted to take advantage of the skills of all of the firm’s partners to emphasize business development in each of its portfolio companies. By all accounts, the approach wasn’t just hype.

In too many venture firms that sort of approach — having to actually work with your partners — would literally cause a partner meltdown in less than a year.